Our Vision

This was written in 2015 before anything got started. We believe that God is still working to bring all of this to pass!
Our teens are at the final stage of childhood and will soon be starting out into their adult lives. Unfortunately, so many of them are not even close to prepared for it. For many teens, just getting through the week is tough because all they experience is adults who treat them like a nuisance and a bother; inferior beings who are better left alone than interacted with. Too many people have given up on these teens and are just hoping they’ll turn out OK.

The hard truth is: many of them won’t turn out OK at all. They need guidance. They need love. They need God! Without someone taking time to help them prepare for adulthood, many will fall through the cracks in our culture and become the fodder for dead end jobs, failed marriages, and broken lives. Worse, some may become the future inmates of our over-crowded prison system. If nothing changes the result will be a continuation of what is already happening now leaving yet another generation groping around in the dark, hoping to find what they so desperately need.

We want to fill that need with God’s love. We want to provide a place where they will be shown the love they so desperately want and need. A safe place where they can go to learn skills to help them in life, learn how to cope with the problems they face, and know that there are people who love them. We want them to come through our doors and be met with the love of God’s people who will introduce them to Him and help them to see that no matter the problems they face, God has the answer for them.

All of this is great in print but how can these ideas be put into action? We see a place where kids can come after school and get help with their homework and maybe have a hot meal. Then they can hang out and interact with their peers and caring adults as they play games and have fun. Different classes will be offered to teach skills such as computer programming, sewing, woodworking, cooking, and many more. To occupy their time constructively We see hobby areas for things like scrapbooking, model trains, electronics, and who knows what else. We want to stimulate their creativity by providing a place for music lessons, recording studio, dance classes, and more.

The most important part of helping them grow to be successful adults is to introduce them to Christ and help them grow in him. We will have regular Bible study times that the kids will be encouraged to attend. Every volunteer and staff member will be a Christian who is committed to modeling Christ. When they are ready, each teen will be plugged into a local church. Mentors will work with the kids outside of the confines of schedules and programs and help them to grow and know that they are loved.

This sounds like a gigantic undertaking and it is, but God has called us to do it and we are not going to let Him down. He has everything under control. The finances are already covered from His end; He will guide us to the right people. He knows each and every teen who will walk through our doors, their joys, their fears, their victories, their pain, and their needs. He has already chosen each and every person who will come to work with them and knows each one intimately. He has taken care of each problem that will arise and has solved every dilemma we will face. With God in control the future of this endeavor is set in stone because He will be its head and we will simply be following His leading.

Thank you for reading through this. We hope this gives you a glimpse of our vision and desire to serve God in the way He has called us to. These kids are hurting and hungry and we need to reach out to them and introduce them to the One who can take them, flaws and all, and love them anyway. We are excited to see what God has in store for this ministry!

Ways To Be Part Of Our Ministry


Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.

Habakkuk 1:5